Fall is in full swing, there is a ton happening in the sports world however here it’s all about college football in North Carolina. 

99.9 The Fan ESPN Radio host and long-time NC State beat reporter Joe Giglio is on-hand to talk Wolfpack ball, North Carolina is finally getting back on the field and we’ll cap things off with a lil Friday night lights action as Campbell heads to Wake Forest. 


The Wolfpack faithful enjoyed a comeback win over Wake Forest in game one, game two this past weekend wasn’t anything to cheer about. For that I’m going to the NC State guru Joe Giglio — watch the video below for the full interview. 


UNC head football coach Mack Brown got out his calculator this week and told the media the amount of days between the Tar Heels game against Syracuse and their upcoming matchup at Boston College is the longest in history since 1952 — that’s 68 years ago and it was a three-week hiatus due to polio outbreaks. Which sounds oddly familiar. 

For Brown the game at BC is like starting the season over — here’s my favorite bite from coach this week. 

“I’m just excited to see how we are, I think we’ve got a chance to be good. This will be a great test for us. Virginia Tech looked really good, we’ve got them next weekend. We’re about to jump back into it, we’ve been talked about and bragged on enough, it’s time for us to prove something.


Campbell has made the most of the four games the Big South allowed them to play this Fall — the FCS member opted to face off against four FBS schools. That’s four straight weeks against teams that have 18 more scholarships and a heck of a lot more staff and resources. 

Friday night the Camels are at Wake Forest for their first-ever game against a Power 5 school, however the Camels, they have a secret weapon —  6’7” 345 pound offensive lineman Mike Edwards, who started his college career at Wake.

“Wake Forest is simple man, they are going to be exactly what you think they’re going to be,” said Campbell head football coach Mike Minter. “It’s really about, when you have a #9 on your defense [Wake Forest defensive lineman Carlos Basham], he’s good, can’t do anything about it. We have some big ol’ boys too and one of them played with him. So he knows #9 real good. When I know you, then I’m not as afraid of you as someone who doesn’t know you — you just have a name in front of you. Big Mike can tell everybody else how these people really are, so it’s not ‘Wake Forest Defense’ it’s ‘nah that guy right there, you can get him, he’s not really that tough.’ That’s the type of intel that you really need about these players and Big Mike was able to give us that information.”

That’s not the only person coach Minter is getting intel from. On Sunday he got on the phone with NC State nickels coach Freddie Autry-Lindsay who used to coach at Campbell with Minter, and asked him what he’d do differently if the Wolfpack had the chance to play Wake Forest again. Minter acknowledged the Camels wouldn’t be able to do everything Autry-Lindsay recommended, they would give some things a try.